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This is the Place for Diebold Employees to Further Their Education

We are advocates for the students we support, helping them succeed in their educational endeavors and earn the degrees they desire.

Earning a Degree Can Be Expensive ... Diebold Is There To Help

With support from us, you can make the most of your Diebold educational benefits, while accelerating your progress to completion.

Your Place, Your Pace - Further Your Education From the Convenience of Your Home

No need to call your supervisor and ask to arrange your work schedule around your classes on campus. Our colleges bring the class to you.

We Cover the Full Spectrum of Education, From Undergraduate to Graduate Degrees

Regardless of whether you are a new employee, a manager, or a corporate executive, the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center is here for you!

College Credit for Diebold Professional Training

Many of the courses of instruction taught by Diebold to employees have been evaluated for credit by our strategically important colleges.

Consider Your Local Colleges or Thousands of Degrees at a Distance

Dare to compare and make an informed decision. With DegreeQuest, you can explore thousands of degrees from hundreds of colleges.

If You Desire to Advance in Your Career, You Should Consider Furthering Your Education

Advancing your education not only makes you a better asset to Diebold, but it also can sharpen your competive edge for promotion.

The Training You Received Could Help You Earn a Degree - We'll Show You How the Credit Applies

Students who complete degrees at a distance receive the same degrees as those who completed the requirements on campus.

With SOCRATES, You Can Accelerate Your Progress to Your Degree, While Saving Time & Money

Appx. 500 semester hours of tuition-free courses, including Hollywood-style video courses - prep for colleges exams accepted nationwide.

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Educational Support for Diebold Employees
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Welcome to the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center!

Here's how it works:

Diebold has teamed with the National College Counseling Center to provide higher education support to Diebold employees and family members across the nation and around the world, serving as the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center. We work with learners to identify their needs, goals, and desires, then determine every potential source of college credit they have earned in the past, including college credit for Diebold professional training. This creates a comprehensive educational assessment for each learner. And, with a click of a button, our state-of-the-art degree planning system, DegreeQuest ®, can merge the unique academic accomplishments of Diebold students into thousands of degree plans from hundreds of accredited colleges and universities across the nation. Each individual's needs are matched with the more than 12,000 distance degrees in our system from hundreds of excellent colleges and universities nationwide.   

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Are you thinking about going back to school and don’t know where to get started?
  • Do you need to earn a high school diploma, Associates or Bachelor's degree, or a graduate degree?
  • Would you like to have access to thousands of resources that may help you succeed in your educational endeavors?
  • Do you want to get credit for what you already know. This includes college credit for ...
    • ... professional training at Diebold
    • ... military training and experiences for those who are veterans
    • ... professional licenses and certifications (Microsoft, FAA, ASE, etc.)
    • ... credit by examinations, with hundreds of free courses to prepare you for testing
    • ... prior learning through assessment of your life experiences
  • Do you want to learn how to complete your degree in less time and for less money?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center has the support you need.

The Diebold Higher Education Resource Center empowers students to:

  • Explore...
    • ... affordable programs of study from excellent colleges and universities across the nation
    • ... degrees that offer the most direct route to graduation for those that need to earn a degree as soon as possible
    • ... the best matches to consider and which degree to pursue based on the students accomplishments, goals & needs
  • Access nearly 500 semester hours of tuition-free college courses, including Hollywood-style video courses online, that can prepare you for national college level examinations accepted by thousands of colleges and universities nationwide
  • Search for sources of financial assistance for higher education, helping students explore scholarships, grants, and federal student student aid for educational advancement
  • Get assistance with the admissions process with help from the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center
  • Support doesn't stop on admission - we assist students all the way through degree completion, including:
    • - Access to hundreds of free practice tests, test descriptions, and study guides for nationally recognized college examinations accepted by thousands of colleges and universities nationwide - apply the credit to undergraduate degrees or meet pre-requisite requirements for graduate degrees
    • - Free self-discovery academic and career interest surveys hosted by colleges & universities
    • - Access to free academic tutoring support in thousands of subjects
    • - Links to providers of college textbooks at deeply discounted rates

We provide support to every Diebold employee desiring to further their education, having assisted hundreds of Diebold employees since 2007 when the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center was created. In fact, more than 190,000 students across the nation and around the world have been supported by the operations established by the National College Counseling Center since 2000 with the innovative systems, patented processes, and cutting-edge student support websites we created, resulting in a potential cost savings to the clients served of more than $925 million. We welcome the chance to show you what we can do for you!

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Don't let this be a well-kept secret ... Tell your co-workers and family members about this initiative!

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