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This is the Place for Diebold Employees to Further Their Education

We are advocates for the students we support, helping them succeed in their educational endeavors and earn the degrees they desire.

Earning a Degree Can Be Expensive ... Diebold Is There To Help

With support from us, you can make the most of your Diebold educational benefits, while accelerating your progress to completion.

Your Place, Your Pace - Further Your Education From the Convenience of Your Home

No need to call your supervisor and ask to arrange your work schedule around your classes on campus. Our colleges bring the class to you.

We Cover the Full Spectrum of Education, From Undergraduate to Graduate Degrees

Regardless of whether you are a new employee, a manager, or a corporate executive, the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center is here for you!

College Credit for Diebold Professional Training

Many of the courses of instruction taught by Diebold to employees have been evaluated for credit by our strategically important colleges.

Consider Your Local Colleges or Thousands of Degrees at a Distance

Dare to compare and make an informed decision. With DegreeQuest, you can explore thousands of degrees from hundreds of colleges.

If You Desire to Advance in Your Career, You Should Consider Furthering Your Education

Advancing your education not only makes you a better asset to Diebold, but it also can sharpen your competive edge for promotion.

The Training You Received Could Help You Earn a Degree - We'll Show You How the Credit Applies

Students who complete degrees at a distance receive the same degrees as those who completed the requirements on campus.

With SOCRATES, You Can Accelerate Your Progress to Your Degree, While Saving Time & Money

Appx. 500 semester hours of tuition-free courses, including Hollywood-style video courses - prep for colleges exams accepted nationwide.

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Educational Support for Diebold Employees
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Apply For Support


Don't Delay ... Apply Today!

Note:  When you submit this request to us, one of our staff will get back with you very soon.  We will serve as your advocate as you explore the world of higher education.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (850) 478-3663 or send e-mail to Support@DieboldEducation.com. Follow these steps to receive educational support from the Diebold Higher Education Resource Center:

Step 1: Tell Us Your Goals and Desires

In this section, we ask that you answer a few questions that will help us best serve your needs.   

E-mail address:

Employee Identification Number:

Select one of the following to describe the student desiring support:

If you are a Diebold employee, how long have you worked for the company?

Check each of these that apply:

Have you taken courses at a local college?  If so, we will need you to fax us a copy of your transcripts.

Have you completed professional training through Diebold? If yes, we need you to download a copy of your Diebold training record and send it as an e-mail attachment to Support@DieboldEducation.com

Have you ever passed college level examinations? (AP, CLEP, DSST, etc.)

Have you ever earned professional certification/licenses? (FAA, ASE, Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, etc.)

Have you attended professional training through another corporation or government agency?

Have you ever served in the Military, active or reserve?

If yes, in which branch of the military?:

Current status: Highest Pay Grade:

Do you have any hobbies or special interests or abilities in subjects that are also taught in college? This may be the ability to speak a foreign language, participation in historical societies, volunteer firefighting, automotive repair, etc.  If so, please tell us briefly about your hobbies or special interests or abilities.  Comments or questions may also be submitted in this section.:

Applicant's current level of education:

Applicant's academic goal:

In what subject or field of study are you most interested:

Check all that apply:

For undergraduate degree support applicants:

I desire to receive college credit for having completed Diebold professional training.

I am interested in fast-track degrees - those in which a student can tailor the field of study to maximize credit previously earned

I intend to take advantage of the tuition-free courses that will prepare me for college credit-by-examinations and desire colleges willing to maximize application of that credit toward their degrees

For graduate degree support applicants:

I request graduate degrees that do not require an admissions exam (GRE, GMAT, MAT, etc.) to the maximum extent possible

I am interested in Master's degrees that do not require a thesis, but engage students in capstone courses or projects instead

How to submit this form:  When you press the submit button below, your computer will transmit the information to us and present you with a form that will go blank, which is an indication that we have the form. 

By pressing the submit button below, I agree to the terms of use and desire the support available:



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Don't let this be a well-kept secret ... Tell your co-workers and family members about this initiative!

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